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Demetris Demi Chihuahuas
Welcome to 'Demetris Demi Chihuahuas', an Award-Winning Website that informs each visitor about the in-home breeding business operated by Marion Moore.  Marion's love of these precious little dogs began over 37 years ago.  Marion and Richard bought their first Chihuahua in 2002.  In 2006 Marion decided to start breeding AKC puppies and after studying for two years, she finally felt prepared enough to begin breeding.  Marion is very successful at breeding high quality, healthy, loving puppies.  She breeds according to the AKC Standard, striving to produce the 'best of the best'!  She is very well known and highly recommended in the business due to her honesty and integrity.  References are available upon request.  Due to Marion's love of Chihuahuas and her personal feelings regarding breeding special loving companions, her Sire, Dames and puppies will NEVER see the inside of a kennel.  All of her Chihuahuas, plus their Great Dane, Delilah, live inside the Moore's family home in the spacious countryside of Nashville, NC.  Their Chihuahuas will never be misused or abused by being shut inside a cage, but shown the love and affection that each one deserves.  After all, they are part of the family!  If you would like one of Marion's special little puppies to join your loving family this Fall, please phone her at (252) 443-2348.  We do not require a deposit until after a potential client has made a selection.  Please visit all of the above listed sites to learn more about our breeding practices and how you can prepare yourself for a lifetime of unconditional love.  A 'Demetris Demi Chihuahuha' is well worth the wait!  Thank you again for visiting our Website.               
Mission Statement:

1) We have complete respect for the Chihuahua breed, and will therefore never inbreed our dogs or use our dogs for breeding with  any other inbred dog, or breed of dog.  We raise Purehred Chihuahuas and ONLY Chihuahuas, not any mix of Chihuahua .
2) We will never sell to pet stores or brokers; we will always establish and maintain execellent relationships with new puppy owners for the life of the dog.
3) Do what is best for the health, well-being and quality of life of our breeding dogs as well as our puppies.  Placing a priority on providing a safe, healthy, clean and sanitary living environment is assured.
4) Promise to be forthright, honest and sincere when answering questions about who we are and the quality of our puppies.
5) To always remember and emphasize that everything we do is for the benefit of our dogs and puppies, so as to fully respect and      acknowledge the serious responsibility it is to have them in our care and produce the highest quality pets possible.

                                     Welcome to the 'Wonderful World of Chihuahuas'.  

At the present time we are awaiting a special delivery by the 'Canine Stork'.  She is delivering Dazzles 'She's My Texas Baby', whom we call 'Baby Deliah', first litter due around 2nd. September 2013.  Please check back later to view an update.  Please call Marion at (252) 443-2348 to reserve your special puppy from this litter.  We only breed our females once per year.   Please contact us at  Thank you.  Marion.